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The interactive machine «iC-U» collects and uploads visitors data which is automatically assembled in a datasheet and published in this live-feed. Users can decide whether they want to censor their data before uploading.
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Exhibited at:

ÖFF Space Zürich 18 November – 18 December, 2021
Lenzburger Kulturtage 30 – 31 October, 2021
Designbiennale Zürich 12 August – 5 September, 2021

Curators’ Comment
Design Biennale Zurich 2021

«Thank you for your data» focuses on what is normally invisible and what we also like to ignore: the disclosure of personal data on the Internet. Once the process is initiated, there is no stopping it. The project – essentially an awareness campaign – makes us think. Design can do that, too! The project provokes on two different levels: on the one hand, it attracts our curiosity, comes across as inviting and playful and, as a consequence, shows us our own powerlessness. On the other hand, it visualizes the process of digital data processing with analog means, which seems almost absurd considering the subject matter. The young studio absurda* fully lives up to its name.
– Gabriela Chicherio


Sean Goff: Software Development / Programming

For further information about the Privacy Policy of «Thank you for your data» please contact us via e-mail: info@absurda.ch